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W&S generates powerful strategic insights to address the needs of our clients. We deliver innovative and creative solutions required to carry challenging projects from inception to completion and customize them to our clients' unique requirements.



To be widely recognized as a leading provider of innovative solutions to our global clients by combining technology, engineering know-how and operational excellence.



To deliver highest quality services to our clients, ensuring total customer satisfaction to the point where we are the first choice for a provider of integrated solutions in our served markets.



We always prioritize the long-term interest of our customers and the environment in which we work. We pride ourselves on integrity, professionalism, high quality work, teamwork and diversity. We depend on the knowledge and expertise of our people for our success.



We are a diverse and highly experienced group of professionals, each having extensive technical and commercial experience and expertise; who together have the capability to manage challenging assets in complex environments; and have successfully worked on a number of major capital expenditure projects in the oil, gas and power sectors, with a variety of international and national oil companies, power generation companies and EPC contractors in different parts of the world.






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